Slow/no progress

‘Slow progress is better than no progress!’ – I’m pretty sure thats what they say. But slow progress is also a pain in the tits if it’s so slow that you might as well be staying the same.

I joined a gym four months ago, and in that time have lost a stone. To some, thats wicked. To me, it’s not enough. I’ve been busting my balls at the gym 3-5 times a week (sometimes 7), am constantly starving, am exhausted from the time and effort that it takes to prepare all of my perfectly macro’d and perfectly calculated meals, and then at the end of a week, one bad meal sends it all to shit. Honestly. Four months of hard work at the gym can be ruined by ONE day of bad eating. And it’s not like I’m hoofing down deep fried mars bars by the fistful. I’m talking the type of meals that I would have eaten this time last year without even thinking twice about. And then up goes the scale, and out goes my belly.

So why is my progress so slow, and why am I so sick of it all? My boyfriend joined the gym at the same time, and he’s lean as shit. It drives me mental. He doesn’t weigh his food, he doesn’t walk six miles to and from work every day, he doesn’t make sure his macros are on point. He just eats what he wants, and plays hockey once a week.

So why is it that I’m not seeing the results I want? Am I not sweating enough? Am I not eating enough? Am I eating too much? Am I not playing enough sport? Am I not committed enough?

(Genuinely, the only place I’ve visibly lost weight from in the last few months is my boobs, and that’s just crap for everyone.)

If anyone has any ideas about where I’m going wrong I’d be very grateful, because at the moment I’m at my wits end and going slowly mad.